3 Reasons Larger Men Should Purchase Big And Tall Bicycle Jerseys

If you are a larger man that is interested in getting into cycling, but are having a hard time finding the proper type of apparel to wear, you should look into getting items that are made "big and tall". This article will discuss 3 reasons why larger men should purchase big and tall bicycle jerseys. 

They Will Properly Fit Your Torso

The problem with many of the normal sized cycling jerseys is that they aren't long enough. Men who are larger in size, are going to struggle to find a regular jersey that is not going to fit them as a belly shirt. Since having a comfortable and well-fitted jersey is crucial to having a comfortable and positive cycling experience, purchasing a big and tall bicycle jersey is the way to go. These jerseys are made much longer than the original ones, so they will easily go all of the way down your torso. Also, depending on what size your purchase, they can be made much wider as well. 

They Include Important Cycling Gear Features

Another great benefit of purchasing the big and tall bicycle jerseys, is that fact that they still include all of the important cycling gear features. They will be made of a breathable material that allows your skin to get the air that it needs to stay cool while cycling. Many of the jerseys also come with pockets in the back of them that are secure enough to hold things like your cell phone, wallet, keys, and any other small objects that you may need to store while you are cycling. Lastly, they will also come with reflective strips on either the front, the back, or both that are going to help keep you safe if you are cycling when it is dark outside.

They Are Flattering To A Larger Figure

A big issue that larger men have with the regular sized cycling jerseys is that they are not at all flattering on them. They are incredibly snug and hug them much too tight. This is physically uncomfortable because the shirt is so tight that it may be hard to breathe in it, as well as difficult to move properly when cycling. The tight jerseys may also make men feel self-conscious as they are cycling in public because of the unflattering fit. Purchasing big and tall jerseys completely eliminates this issue because the jerseys fit comfortably, they are flattering, and provide plenty of space to move in. 

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