4 Parts Of A Pickleball Paddle You Can Customize

If you're the type of person who likes to have unique equipment for your recreational activities, it can be fun to look online and find companies that can produce custom gear. For someone who enjoys playing the sport of pickleball, an obvious choice is to replace your current paddle with one that features a custom design. It's easy to find a suitable company online, and you can then begin to think about how you want your paddle to look. Upon submitting your design, you'll wait a short period of time and then receive your custom product in the mail. Here are some things that you can typically customize.


The face of the pickleball paddle is the part that you use to hit the ball, and this is something that you can always customize with your own design. The face is the largest part of the paddle, so a custom design will really stand out. You can choose an image, some words, or a combination of the two. There are all sorts of different ways to approach choosing how this part of the paddle looks. If you play on a team, having your team name and logo appear here is one option. 

Edge Guard

The edge guard is a plastic piece that wraps around the face of the pickleball paddle to protect it from damage. This is another part of the paddle that many companies allow you to customize. Think about how the face will look, and then choose a color that ties in well. You might want the edge guard to have the same color as the dominant hue on the face, or you may prefer going with a different color to create visual contrast.


You also have the option of customizing the color of the wrap, which is the material that goes around the handle of the paddle. As with the edge guard, you may wish to choose a color that matches or complements the look of the paddle's face. Alternatively, you might like the idea of going with a completely different color that gives your paddle a fun, custom look. For example, a bright neon color or even a camouflage pattern as the wrap can work well.

End Cap

Finally, you can often customize the look of the end cap, which is the piece that covers the end of the handle. A lot of people favor putting their name or initials on the end cap, but you might also consider a small rendering of any logo that you want on the face of the paddle.

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