What To Expect When Taking A Firearms Class For New Shooters

Shooting sports, self-defense training, and concealed carry permit classes are available in most areas for new shooters and gun owners and can range from basic training to advanced tactics, depending on your needs. For new gun owners, a basic firearms class is an excellent starting point.

Know Your Firearm

When you purchase your first gun, you need to understand how it works, how to use it, and what is involved in the care and maintenance of the firearm. For new shooters, a firearms class that goes over all the firearm parts and how they work can be helpful. 

Understanding the mechanism and how it works with the ammunition can make you more comfortable with the firearm. In order to properly clean and maintain the gun, you need to understand the parts and how they go together. Finding a class that will teach you to disassemble and reassemble the gun correctly is an excellent idea. Since most firearms are similar in design, this training will help if you purchase another weapon in the future. 

If you can not maintain your firearms, they will get dirty as you shoot them, causing the ammunition to stick inside the breach or jam after a shot.

Shooting Your Gun

A firearms class that requires you to bring your gun and practice shooting it on the range can be extremely beneficial. The instructor teaching the class can help students develop good shooting form, help refine aim, and teach safe firearm handling, so students will be comfortable with the firearm. 

Many basic firearms classes will require the students to fire a specific number of shots that hit the target to pass the course. The percentage of hit shots is typically high, and accuracy is critical during this part of the training. If you have never fired a gun before, shooting on the range can help you get comfortable with the sounds and feel of the firearm, making you a better shooter and hit what you are aiming at every time. 

Additional Training

If your goal is to get a permit to carry your gun for self-defense, you will need to find a firearms class that includes concealed carry training or additional training. Most firearms instructors break the classes up into several smaller trainings, so you may need to start with the basic course and then, after passing it, come back and take the concealed carry training.

Concealed carry classes typically have a mandated number of hours for the training, cover the laws surrounding concealed carry in your state, and present shoot/no-shoot scenarios to prepare you for the time you need to use your firearm for protection. Talk to your instructor if this is your goal, and they can recommend a course for you.