Sports Betting: Legal Or Illegal?

Sports betting is a very gray area. For the most part, you cannot place bets on sports in person with "bookies" who do not hold gambling licenses and in states where such activities are illegal but there are no hard and fast rules about gambling online. In fact, there are not a whole lot of laws on the books that say anything at all about online gambling. It is difficult for federal and local agents/officers to police online betting and even more difficult for the government to regulate, so online bets are safe for gamblers. Here are some more insights to the legality of online gambling.

Betting with Online Native American Gambling Casinos

Native Americans are considered "sovereign states." This means that each reservation is, and operates as, its own country within the whole country of the USA. Their gambling laws operate outside of gambling laws established by the American government. Additionally, anyone is allowed to gamble online through Native American casinos and betting agencies. If you want to sign up for MLB handicapping packages or place a wager on the Super Bowl, you are within legal rights to do so through a Native American betting agency or casino.

Totally Legal in Four States

There are four states where any kind of betting at all is totally legal. If you place bets in Nevada, Oregon, Delaware, and Montana, you cannot possibly get into any sort of trouble. Better still, place sports bets online with online bookies from these states. Receiving payments for bets won in these states is not a criminal offense either.

Everyone Can Bet on the Super Bowl

Everyone can bet on the Super Bowl. Apparently, it is so common that even in states where sports wagers would otherwise be a legal issue, the Super Bowl is the exclusion to the rule. Ergo, if the only sports bet you ever place in your life is on the Super Bowl, make it a good one.

Place Bets with Trusted Sites Only

Be very careful with how you place online bets. Only use trusted sites, and only if those sites are tied to actual betting locations here in the U.S.. Do not place bets with anyone in any foreign or overseas site, since they are not required to pay up right when you win. You are more likely to be cheated of your winnings outside the country because the police and government agents cannot enforce payment transactions from another country.

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