Tips For Picking A Conceal Carry Weapon

Buying a new gun at a place like Wilcox Bait Tackle can be one of the best experiences of your life. Whether it is a pistol for self defense, a shotgun for waterfowl, a muzzleloader for deer, or a rifle, buying a new gun is an exciting time. There is a gun for every type of situation, and you may find that what works for one individual may not work for you. This article is going to touch on conceal carry weapons and what you may want to consider when shopping for that perfect handgun. 


A very big factor that you are going to run into when picking out your conceal carry firearm is going to be the weight of the firearm. Packing around a heavy pistol all day long may take a toll o your stamina. A big heavy pistol is also going to require that you have a very sturdy belt, or you may find that your pants want to fall off during the day. There are many different brand and styles of pistol that are coming out on the market that are light and easy to carry around all day. When you are picking out your conceal carry pistol make sure that you take weight into consideration.


Many of the pocket pistols that you will find can easily be stowed away in a pocket or a boot. The fact that they are so easily concealed is a big bonus, but you will want to take one of these pistols to the range. If you are not able to shoot accurately with the pistol it is not going to do you any good in an emergency. You will want to shoot the pistol at all different distances to see how comfortable you are shooting at different distances with that particular gun. If you find that you are accurate, then the pocket pistol may be a good fit. If you find that you are not accurate, it may be time to find a different pistol.


You are going to hear from many people that the bigger the caliber the better for your conceal weapon. The .45 ACP is the only round that they will carry because it has the knockdown power. While each round has different pros and cons what it really comes down to is you being able to be comfortable, familiar, and accurate with your pistol. If you do not feel comfortable or accurate with a big caliber then it is not for you. You may want to get a smaller caliber, this way you are able to practice a great deal and become accurate, comfortable, and familiar with your conceal carry weapon.