Harnessing The Power Of Wool To Keep Your Feet Cool And Dry On The Golf Course

To many golfers, there's just as much finesse involved with sinking a 25-foot putt as there is with staying comfortable on the most sweltering of days. One particular problem area that many golfers struggle with is their feet, which can become an unfortunate reason to skip the back nine on a hot day. Polyesters and other synthetic fabrics might seem like the way to go, but some of these artificial materials can do more harm than good. Believe it or not, the answer to staying comfortable in your shoes on a hot day isn't some space-age material, but rather one that's older than recorded history: wool. 

Why Wool?

Wool provides superior comfort when used as the primary material in a pair of socks because it breathes well and naturally wicks moisture. In fact, wool is the choice of many snowboarders, skiers, and hikers due to the fact that it simply doesn't stay wet like cotton does. Also, wool is extremely strong, so even a thin sock will last for years without developing a hole, which means you can get away with less sock material to warm up your feet. Wool is the clear option over synthetics, as well, since synthetics are notoriously hard to rid of a sweaty odor, whereas wool socks can simply be washed in the sink and hung to dry in order to make them good as new. 

Picking the Right Wool Socks

A good pair of wool socks that's guaranteed to keep you warm will have a number of features, including:

  • Ventilation
    • While wool naturally cools your feet by wicking moisture, a little extra ventilation never hurt. Often, a pair of wool socks will have an area at the base of your toes that is nearly translucent, and that's a good sign that your socks will breathe well when the mercury rises. 
  • Low cut
    • Low-cut socks will keep your feet cooler simply because there is less skin covered than with a crew sock or knee-high sock. 
  • Cushioning
    • Thicker socks often mean more cushioning, but sweatier feet, as well. Wool socks will keep your feet cooler than cotton socks of the same thickness. As a result, you can buy thicker, more cushioned wool socks without risking the dreaded swamp foot. That means you'll have more comfortable feet, since they'll be warmer, drier, and better cushioned than if you had chosen cotton socks. 

You can find wool golf socks in almost any sporting goods store that carries golf apparel. Look at places like The Golf Guys to see what they have in stock.