5 Reasons Why You Should Choose LED Over Incandescent Light Bulbs In A Tactical Flashlight

LED bulbs have largely phased out traditional incandescent bulbs in many types of lighting fixtures, but there are still tactical flashlights out there on the market that run on incandescent bulbs. 

If you're wondering how LED bulbs are advantageous for tactical flashlights, consider the following five reasons why they are the best options:

1. LED bulbs are more difficult to break than incandescent bulbs.

The durability of LED bulbs can't be matched by even the highest quality incandescent bulbs out on the market. LED bulbs are typically designed with shatter proof housing that is perfect for the heavy duty use they often receive when built into tactical flashlights. 

On the other hand, incandescent bulbs are typically more fragile and prone to breaking upon impact. Tactical flashlights are typically used in sporting or combat situations, so durability is important.

2. LED bulbs last longer and are more reliable than incandescent bulbs.

The reason LED bulbs have replaced incandescent bulbs in most lighting fixtures is because they last longer and need to be replaced less frequently than incandescent bulbs.

LED bulbs are more dependable when used in tactical lights because they'll burn out less frequently. This means that flashlight users can be sure that they'll light up properly when needed. 

3. LED lights are now available that can match the brightness of incandescent bulbs.

Although LED lights are known for lasting longer than incandescent bulbs, incandescent bulbs offer more brightness than the original LED lights. This has traditionally been their big advantage over LED bulbs.

However, advancements in LED bulb design have made it so that LED lights can now offer as much brightness as a typical incandescent bulb. The sole advantage incandescent bulbs originally had has therefore been rendered obsolete. 

4. LED bulbs are less dangerous than incandescent bulbs in many environments.

In certain environments- such as in very hot environments or environments where natural gas or other gases are present- incandescent bulbs have a slight risk of exploding. Also, incandescent bulbs become very hot during operation, creating a potential fire hazard.

On the other hand, LED lights do not have these risks even when they are used in hot environments or near gas sources. A tactical flashlight is often used for work applications that bring it into extreme environments, so preventing fire hazards when tactical flashlights are being used is important. 

5. LED bulbs typically focus light in one direction.

The design of incandescent bulbs is more suitable to emitting light in all directions. On the other hand, LED lights will naturally focus light on a certain point. This makes them more appropriate to flashlight design. 

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