Ensure Your Wedding Party Has A Great Time During Your Wedding Weekend

When choosing a wedding venue for your big day, consider choosing a location where you and your wedding party can use the occasion as a mini vacation as well as a wedding celebration. There are many great venues that offer many exciting activities for you and your guests to enjoy. Consider booking a venue that has sleeping accommodations available for your wedding party to have a place to stay during the weekend of your wedding. This allows everyone to relax, be present for the planning process, and enjoy some amazing activities during their stay. The following guide walks you through a few activities to look for when trying to find a great wedding venue.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding can be a great activity for couples to do together. They get to reconnect with one another and also with Mother Nature. There are usually trail rides that couples can take to enjoy exploring the countryside on horseback.

Canoeing or Kayaking

If there is a river nearby, couples can enjoy canoeing or kayaking together. Kayaking is typically done in individual kayaks, whereas canoeing is often done with two people in one canoe. It will be up to each couple as to which option they feel best suits them.

Apple Picking

If the venue has an apple orchard on the property, couples could enjoy a picnic in the orchard and apple picking together. There are clawed machines attached to long poles that allow people to grab the apples that are up in the trees with ease so that they do not have to climb up ladders to reach the fruit.


Archery can be a lot of fun because it requires so much skill. Couples can enjoy challenging each other to a skillful battle to see who can shoot the center of the bulls eye first. The venue should have bows with all different tension pulls to ensure that someone can shoot the bow and arrow regardless of how little upper body strength they have.  

Range Practice

If a couple enjoys shooting guns, there are some venues that have firing ranges on the property. There will be firing lanes and targets set up for couples to shoot. It can be a great way to have some competitive fun with their spouses during the weekend of excitement.

All of these great outdoor activities will be thoroughly explained or have an instructor to assist the couples. This ensures everyone stays safe, has fun, and gets to celebrate your wedding for an entire weekend.